This year, both the Super Bowl and World Cancer Day will take place on February 4, and Merck is taking advantage of the coincidence by launching a football-themed campaign starring Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, who is also a survivor of head and neck cancer.

Called Your Cancer Game Plan Challenge, the campaign aims to raise funds for cancer patient organizations that help survivors and their loved ones navigate treatment and recovery together. Participants can visit and share the portal with their friends and family on social media. For each social share, Merck will donate $5 to the organization of the participant’s choosing.

Another goal of the push is to connect those affected by cancer with communications tips, coping strategies, and nutritional information.


“Merck recognizes the incredible support that the patient advocacy community provides to those affected by cancer and their loved ones, and want to do more to help them help others,” a Merck spokesperson said. “From online resources to in-person support groups, these groups can often be the most valuable players in a person’s cancer game plan.”


Merck also unveiled an updated website on January 31, which enables users to customize their experience.