YouTube, Klick Health and the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have debuted “Community Unity,” a 12-episode series designed to “modernize the traditional way of combating vaccine misinformation,” according to a statement. 

Topics for the series, the first three episodes of which debuted on Wednesday, were chosen by sifting through data on the top-trending vaccine searches by country and language. Each episode lasts around two minutes in length and addresses a specific question, such as “do COVID-19 vaccines affect fertility?” Answers are shared using animation and include hard scientific information and pop-culture references alike.

“By using conversational narrative, a distinct visual style and humor, we’re trying to engage young people in a global discussion about vaccines that will help equip them with the information they need to keep themselves and their communities safe,” said Klick head of policy and advocacy David Bowen.

“It’s smart public health tactics, brought to YouTube’s scale,” added Dr. Garth Graham, YouTube director and global head of healthcare and public health partnerships, in the statement.