So, heard anything lately about Valeant? Yeah. Even by the standards of an industry under siege, Valeant experienced quite the tumultuous last year or so. Following the first whisperings of price gouging in September, scrutineers quickly turned their attention to Valeant’s distribution policies — specifically its relationship with specialty mail-order firm Philidor — and the buy-drug-increase-price-of-drug business model adopted by then-CEO J. Michael Pearson. Valeant and Pearson have maintained their stance that all company actions were fully compliant with U.S. laws and regulations, yet the hits keep on coming. Valeant holder Centerbridge Partners sent the company a notice of default for failing to file its annual report, while Pearson appeared before a price-probing Senate committee after ducking its first request. Not surprisingly, Valeant has been on a wild ride on the trading floor, with big dips and even the occasional gain. Will Valeant begin unloading assets to reverse its fortune? Perhaps, but high-value propositions like the eyecare brand Bausch + Lomb likely won’t attract a deal as sweet as the $8.7 billion Valeant paid for it in 2013.