Adland knows Terri & Sandy for the upbeat, usually hilarious voice it lends to some of America’s favorite brands. 

But the New York City-based agency is shifting tone to support the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

It has launched two campaigns that examine the impact of opioid addiction on families, while offering hope to parents and loved ones. The drive, created pro bono, includes a 30-second and 15-second television spot, along with print and out-of-home executions. 

“The team at Terri & Sandy exhibited such passion for this project, and the power of their work was due not only to the beauty with which their campaigns were crafted, but also the depth of the genuine insights on which their concepts were developed,” said Rebecca Shaw, director of advertising and production for Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. “They understood the isolation and helplessness so many parents feel and grew to appreciate the incredible stress that substance use disorders put on the whole family, especially on the parents who so desperately want to help their child.” 

Both campaigns draw on raw, true-to-life scenarios to grab the attention of those dealing with a loved one’s addiction.

The team wants to position as a resource to empower families with help and practical answers to the real-world problems they have to confront. 

“As we worked on this project, we were constantly struck with the impossible questions parents face, if their children are struggling with an opioid addiction,” said Terri Meyer, cofounder and co-CEO of Terri & Sandy. “Every day, they must make agonizing decisions that can take a tremendous toll on their marriage and their lives. Our goal was to capture these moments with great empathy and authenticity and offer help and hope from Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.”

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