When did trust become an optional value for so many companies?

Across nearly every industry, I read reports of highly publicized companies taking advantage of their customers’ trust in them. The latest news on the Facebook data breach is particularly disappointing. As one of the 2 billion people who has trusted the social media giant with my data, given recent news, I’m now second guessing my next post! Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally commented, “I think it’s a clear signal that this is a major trust issue for people, and I understand that.”


I understand that, too. As chief client officer at PatientPoint, there is nothing more important to me than the relationship and the trust that I personally have earned with our clients. I honestly don’t understand the thought process that leads a company to be deliberately misleading or dishonest. Whether it’s your personal data or your coveted marketing dollars you entrust to a company, there should be no surprises about how those investments are being used and whether you are getting exactly what’s been promised.


I fully believe the onus of earning and maintaining trust is on the company, not the customer. Of course, every buyer is responsible for conducting due diligence before any partnership is formed, but a company’s people and operating values should never have to be questioned. How can you start a productive partnership from a place of doubt? It’s on us, as service providers, to be forthcoming and provide the assurance buyers need and deserve to move forward, and it pains me to see this position continue to erode from the actions of bad players.


I recognize this is a slightly utopian view of how business should be conducted, and I know there’s been a lot of buzz about trust in our own industry over the past 12 months. At PatientPoint, we feel it is our responsibility to continue in that leadership role to ensure you remain confident to invest in the channel. Trust has been of paramount importance to us since our inception, and we’ve always operated under the spirit of full transparency. We are committed to keeping it that way.

Linda Ruschau is chief client officer at Patientpoint.