Consumers are grappling with a new lifestyle as cities around the U.S. institute stay home and social distancing orders. CMI/Compas surveyed consumers about their new habits and healthcare experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

The report also gauged consumer’s thoughts on pharma advertising during this time. Most consumers (74%) across generations agreed that it was appropriate for pharma to continue advertising. Only about a quarter (26%) of all consumers did not think pharma should advertise.

Gen X showed the highest level of agreement, with 42% completely agreeing that pharma can continue advertising, while the Silent Generation showed the highest disagreement at 33%.

There were several types of information consumers wanted to see from pharma. The highest portion (86%) wanted to see information on how to deal with COVID-19, followed by public service messages about how pharma companies are helping (50%) and patient assistance program information (47%).

The most preferred channel for this information for all consumers was TV public service announcements (47%). That preference was especially high for the Silent Generation at 58%. After PSAs, consumers preferred to get information through the company’s website, email and TV ads.

The report also dives into consumers’ trusted sources, information gaps, media consumption and healthcare access during COVID-19.