He started the Dose of Digital blog in 2008 (the photo at left is circa 2010), helping guide pharma toward social media, then left to join an 11-person, Cincinnati-based startup outside the industry. Now, after more than two years away, Jonathan Richman is back in the healthcare business, he announced this week on the blog.

In June he founded Dose, a firm focused on digital marketing consulting for the healthcare industry.

Richman was formerly a group director at agency Possible Worldwide, the former Bridge Worldwide. He left the agency in January 2012 to join Zipscene, a digital marketing platform for restaurants. Zipscene, according to Richman now has close to 40 employees and has added some major restaurant chains.

While he was away, DoD was maintained by Possible Worldwide, which owns the blog, with an occasional guest post by its original author. Richman’s first post after announcing his return to healthcare: 5 lessons “big pharma” can learn from “little startups.”