Psychiatric Times has launched its first gameified engagement with mental health professionals. Although the prize in the head-to-head competition between doctors is one ounce of gold, VP of marketing Amy Erdman told MM&M that UBM Medica has run similar competitions among its readership in the past and has found that bragging rights are also pretty important, saying “they tend to be a competitive bunch.” The five-week game feeds competitors a new set of diagnostic questions every week.

Nearly a third of online consumers with a chronic condition are interested in registering for a patient support program that would give them access to a range of services, according to Manhattan Research, while 38% of caregivers said the same. Most in demand are financial assistance, meal plans and recipes, tracker tools and RN hotlines.

Around 35% of US adults report having used the Internet to figure out what condition they or a loved one might have, said Pew Research Center, while 59% say they’ve looked onlie for health info in the past year. The survey suggests the growing influence of peer-to-peer communication in healthcare.