Pharma is known for being skittish about social media, but a Tufts University Center for the Study of Drug Development report shows that the industry is reaching out, reports the Wall Street Journal, which reviewed the study. The researchers found that 20% of the pharma companies that use social media use it for direct interaction and that 11% of clinical trials include recruiting by social media.

Apps can improve heart health: According to a Mobihealth News report, Mayo Clinic researchers found that smartphone apps can slash hospital readmission rates when they are used as part of a rehabilitation program. The test included an app that tracked data including weight and blood pressure, and provided lifestyle tips that can reduce the risk of a second heart attack.

Over seven million people signed up for health insurance on by the March 31 midnight deadline. Last-minute enrollees caused a surge that caused the website to go offline for a few hours, but the site rebounded, unlike last fall, when as NPR notes, only six people managed to sign up for insurance on the opening day.