Genentech’s presence at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology was not only about sharing hard data. The Roche subsidiary rolled out a game called “T Cells Attack” last Thursday, the day before the conference kicked off.

Genentech worked with PR firm Weber Shandwick and patient-engagement group Ayogo on the game.

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The game begins with a quick summary of how immuno-oncology works and represents the first of seven steps of the cancer immunity cycle. Genentech promoted the game on its corporate website as well as through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with the hashtags #ASCO15, #science and #gaming. This was in addition to paid promotion and outreach to key influencers.

Holli Kolkey Dickson, Genentech’s senior manager of corporate relations, told MM&M that about 1,000 people have been playing the game every day since its launch and that the goal is to create a game for each of the seven steps.

Genentech launched a cancer game in 2013 called Re-Mission in partnership with the nonprofit HopeLab and health insurer Cigna.

The “T Cells attack” app will roll out next month.