Everyday Health added the Mayo Clinic’s consumer website to its network of health properties, although pharmaceutical advertising on the site will continue to be handled by MayoClinic.com operators.

The deal, described as a “multi-year relationship,” includes advertising duties for consumer packaged goods, OTC products, cosmetics, consumer retail and other business areas. Ben Wolin, CEO and co-founder of Waterfront Media (Everyday Health’s parent company), said the exclusion of pharma advertising was based on MayoClinic.com’s “longstanding relationships with several pharmaceutical companies,” but that Everyday Health hopes to expand its relationship with the site over time.

Brian Nass, chair of Mayo Clinic’s global products and services, corroborated Wolin’s comments: “We already have many long-term, well-established relationships with pharmaceutical advertisers and their agencies, and so did not see a reason to change those relationships.”

MayoClinic.com hopes to “leverage [Everyday Health’s] large sales structure to help us optimize advertising revenue across many categories,” said Nass. Everyday Health was attracted to MayoClinic.com based on “the quality of the brand, and the institution…we want to associate with great brands,” said Wolin. “This is a signal to the marketplace about the kind of sites we work with.”

MayoClinic.com garnered 4.5 million unique visitors in June, according to comScore data.