MediSolutions founder and CEO Joshua Lapsker has stepped down and passed the baton to his son, Erez Lapsker.

Erez Lapsker, who took over the firm in August, is shifting its focus to virtual reality and launching its digital offering, MediVRx.

The move is a significant shift for MediSolutions, whose legacy offering is MediScripts: secure, federal- and state-compliant prescription pads and paper.

“Looking at the history of MediSolutions, it was clear that our future needed to be digital,” Erez Lapsker said. “In VR, we see an opportunity to get into the market early and serve up a wholly unique offering for our clients. All of this can be achieved while increasing healthcare education for both patients and physicians.”

The firm has a vision of VR being used in the exam room to educate patients about their conditions and in sales meetings with doctors to convey product information.

Erez Lapsker said he could not share programs or clients due to confidentiality, but the firm is planning to test a VR meditation module in places like infusion centers “where patients would benefit from distraction.” He added that he is hoping to be able to show an increase in compliance among patients who have received VR education.

Joshua Lapsker is moving to the role of chairman after 37 years leading MediSolutions, formerly known as MediScripts. Erez Lapsker has worked at the company for more than 16 years, most recently serving as president.