Taking a page from Sanofi, Shire is preparing to launch a developer challenge “to create technology-driven solutions that aid individuals with ADHD during the transition from adolescence into adulthood.”

The Shire ADHD Transitions Challenge will shower $150,000 in awards on eight teams of developers. The overall winner will take home $100,000 and score two tickets to the Fall 2013 Health 2.0 conference, where their win will be announced.

Judges will look for tools that help ADHD patients manage transitions—such as those from high school to college life, or from college to the workforce—as well as addressing life-management challenges and encouraging medication adherence. For the challenge’s first phase (submissions are due by March 17), teams will submit a five-page plan. In the second phase, five finalist teams will execute on their plans.

A 2007 survey suggests that almost 10% of US children and 4.4% of adults live with ADHD, for which Shire markets Adderall XR, Intuniv and Vyvanse.

“We sponsored the Shire ADHD Transitions Challenge because we’re always looking for better, holistic solutions,” said David Baker, vice president of Innovation and Imagination in Shire Specialty Pharmaceuticals Behavioral Health Business Unit. “While medication is an important piece of the treatment puzzle for many patients with ADHD, we recognize that ADHD patients can also benefit from complementary non-medication products and services.

Baker added, “We sponsored this challenge because we want to harness the creative power of a large network of developers to find innovative technology-based solutions that tap into this phenomenon. We partnered with Health 2.0 specifically because they have extensive experience executing this type of challenge and an engaged network of high-quality developers.”

Shire’s contest is reminiscent of Sanofi’s Data Design Diabetes and Collaborate | Activate challenges, for technology to help diabetes patients and advocacy groups.