Eversana has announced a partnership with UpScriptHealth designed to boost patient access to treatments. The partnership will allow Eversana, with a wealth of commercialization and data and analytics offerings under its umbrella, to avail itself of UpScriptHealth’s virtual prescribing platform.

The idea to collaborate was fueled, not surprisingly, by the surge in telehealth adoption during the pandemic, according to Eversana chief digital officer Scott Snyder.

“Most patients and HCPs have gotten comfortable with telehealth as a means of delivering care,” he said. “The comfort level and convenience is a big part of it.”

Indeed, Snyder believes that pharma companies now truly understand the need to prioritize better consumer experiences, with the telehealth channel a key part of that.

“We’re able to wrap everything Eversana offers into the platform — such as using analytics to identify patients, and support those same patients after they get through the tele-visit and prescription,” Snyder said. “It can create affordability options, help them check their benefits and eligibility, assist with adherence programs and keep them on therapy programs.”

Snyder anticipates that the expanded offering will prove of immediate benefit to any number of clients.

“It’s really going to transform the way people think about reaching and engaging patients through providing options and convenience, complemented with the traditional sales and marketing model. We’ll continue to optimize what’s best for patients,” he added.

In 2020, Eversana invested in its data and analytics offering and appointed Brigham Hyde as president of data and analytics. Last year, the company acquired Intouch Group for $950 million.