At a time when so many have gotten into the NFT space, Excedrin is joining the party by launching a program to support women creators.

The headache relief company, a subsidiary of consumer health company Haleon, announced the launch of its Equal Bytes program Wednesday morning. Equal Bytes is an ‘artist accelerator’ collaboration with MakersPlace to make the NFT space more inclusive for women and “relieve their digital headaches.” 

As part of the program, Excedrin and MakersPlace will recruit women creators to the latter’s platform and back the minting and sale of their first NFT. The program will also guarantee bids of $800 for 100 selected artists to ensure the sale of their first NFT. 

Additionally, MakersPlace will host the NFT auctions and facilitate the bidding process from Excedrin while also promoting the women artists to increase their visibility and boost their sales. 

Rishi Mulgund, brand director of pain relief at Haleon, said the company hopes Equal Bytes can create more space for women creators in the NFT space and close the gender equality gap.

“Women are faced with inequalities and challenges daily. Whether it is in the workplace or their personal life, they are forced to overcome hurdles. That is why we have so much heart for Equal Bytes, where we can help uplift women creators by removing some of the barriers that exist for them,” Mulgund said in a statement. 

As the world has moved further and further into the digital space, many have heralded the potential of NFTs and the blockchain to drive innovation in healthcare.

Several notable brands have already jumped headfirst into NFTs this year alone. In April, Pampers partnered with Rock the Bells on NFTs to benefit Black Mamas Matter Alliance, a nonprofit that works to improve Black maternal health. 

Later that same month, Movember collaborated with MRM New York and street artist Mishka on an NFT collection called Non-Fungible Testicles. This initiative encouraged men to check themselves for testicular cancer regularly and support additional research into the disease as part of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

For its part, the NFT news is the latest development for Haleon in its newfound life as an independent company. Haleon spun off from GSK over the summer and released its first earnings last month, highlighted by reported revenue growth of 13.4% in H1 2022, totaling £5.19 billion.