Winner: Annovera, Resolute Digital, Weber Shandwick, McCann and The Skimm
Un-apologize: A Whitney Cummings Comedy Special

The Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade crystalized what many women already knew: that their bodily autonomy is under attack.

It’s a reality Annovera, which makes a procedure-free birth control ring, wanted to address head-on. And so the brand asked comedian Whitney Cummings to channel her anger and frustration into comedy. Titled Un-apologize: A Whitney Cummings Comedy Special, the set explores the sheer amount of “crap” women have to deal with when it comes to their sexual health,  all while — adding insult to injury — feeling the need to apologize.

Cummings developed the script for Un-apologize in partnership with Annovera’s marketing and advertising agencies to ensure it aligned with the brand’s overall messaging. To launch the set, Annovera partnered with media organization The Skimm, which featured the special on its site and in its newsletter. It also promoted Un-apologize on social media. Ahead of the launch, Cummings conducted a series of earned media interviews in which she shared her own experience using Annovera.

To date, the special has generated more than 500,000 digital and social video views, as well as  25,000-plus site visits to

Honorable mention: Frito-Lay, Ketchum and Ketchum Studios
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