When creative connects and makes you care — when the work really works — then we can achieve the highest good for a brand, patient or community. Through craft, storytelling, engagement strategy or even humor, these ideas go beyond the expected to deliver both meaning and impact.

Erase the Line
Chrysalis Initiative

This campaign is powerful in all the ways that matter: Craft, depth and real impact. Beyond this social and out-of-home campaign, which seeks to raise awareness of disparities in breast cancer care and outcomes between Black and white women, the BCNavi app supports Black women in finding equitable providers and self-advocating for care. The initiative also provides HCP-directed education on awareness and practice of equity assessment.

Colon Cancer Coalition

When I first saw the campaign hashtag, my assumption was that this idea would only appeal to my 12-year-old son. But it turns out that this Twitter-based effort is more sophisticated than you might expect. The campaign features a video from astronaut Dick Covey, who manages to deliver on the pun with a wink as well as speak to his own personal losses due to colon cancer. With cheeky (pun intended) call-outs to space billionaires and celebrities on Twitter, the campaign succeeds in raising awareness of colonoscopies in an urgent, yet non-threatening way. And it receives extra points for mobile experience and use of parallax on the campaign site.

Protein Kills Us

This film taps into the cultural obsession with the post-apocalyptic genre to raise awareness and funds for the development of a protein monitor for people with phenylketonuria (PKU). The underlying insight is simple: The daily struggle of an individual living with PKU to limit protein intake is so unbelievable and the stakes of failure so high (irreversible brain damage), it’s on par with science fiction. This seven-minute awareness film actually captivates.

Breaking Depression
Janssen Neuroscience

Of the dozens or even hundreds of unbranded disease education campaigns produced by pharma each year, few stand out for originality or striking an emotional chord. Breaking Depression achieves both, elegantly conveying “we are never beyond repair” through the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

Printed by Parkinson’s
Innocean Europe

A lot of data-driven ideas can seem forced or faked. Printed by Parkinson’s stands apart by capturing a person’s actual tremor data and sending them to a 3-D printer, which then prints an object symbolizing what’s been lost to the disease. The result is a gallery of deeply personal objects visualizing the devastation of Parkinson’s. This intuitive and impactful use of data speaks for itself, but its credibility is further reinforced by the publication of a paper in a clinical journal describing the effort.