To ease the plight of limited face time that sales reps are granted by physicians, AbelsonTaylor (AT) has created an interactive detailing platform for the iPad, coined eVE (electronic visualization engine), which allows marketing teams to communicate personalized brand experiences with the flick of a finger. 

While many pharmas have found tablet-touting reps to be beneficial to their overall sales forces—due to the mobile platform’s ability to extend the duration of a sales call, conduct real-time message testing and enhance one-on-one visits with engaging multimedia—the Chicago-based agency affirms that its eVE platform can do all that, and more.

“eVE is architected from the ground up to be ready for enterprise implementation,” explains AT’s VP, director of interactive technology, Matthew Collins. “By leveraging the power of Apple’s iPad and standards-based technology, eVE gives developers intuitive tools and components to rapidly create and deploy uniquely powerful, stable, predictable, data-driven brand experiences.” 

Content may be marked for mandated inclusion in a presentation, says Collins, and slides can be locked in a “first-shown” or “last-shown” position, depending on the demonstration’s aim. The eVE platform also enables marketers to create rules to define relationships between content, such as grouping information that “must-follow” or “must-proceed” other slides, or restrict content.

While eVE is powered by the CRM and cloud service software of, Collins says the platform is also designed to collect robust metrics during the course of each interaction: “eVE not only collects a standard set of data…but also offers a flexible method for developers to add custom data objects and collection items to meet specific brand objectives.” 

According to Jay Carter, R.Ph, SVP, director of strategy services at AbelsonTaylor, the agency is currently in contract negotiations with several major pharma and biotech companies. He adds: “I am delighted at the opportunity that eVE affords clients to really use the iPad to deliver great promotion in a truly interactive and creative environment.”