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Cline Davis & Mann
CDM World Agency Website

The agency set out to create an “intriguing, engaging online experience” that embodies the company’s “never generic” credo. The beautiful and very clever certainly succeeded on all counts.
 “A clean and playful site,” commented one judge. “It was fun to explore.”

A mirrored medicine cabinet is centered in white space on the homepage. Above it, copy reads: “The world’s leading healthcare advertising agency.” Below it, copy reads: “Always original. Always thinking. Always creative. Never generic.” Then the cabinet opens and various generic, white medicine bottles and tubes fly out and circle the screen. The spinning stops when the viewer moves the curser over an individual bottle or tube, which comes to life in bold colors with copy that reveals which section of the site it represents.

Clicking the eye drop bottle, which is labeled “Clear Eyed Leadership since 1984,” leads to a page where bios of the agency’s leaders come out of the bottle in drops. Examples of the agency’s work are housed under a “Minty Fresh Work” labeled toothpaste tube. Contact information is in a contact lens holder icon, and the career section is housed in an antacid bottle labeled “Career Relief.”

A capsule bottle holds the agency’s values, which emerge when the viewer scrolls over the cracks in four capsules that tumble out of the bottle. A supplement bottle leads to the expertise section where each business unit is listed. Agency locations are housed in a bottle that sprays colorful circles onto a map to show location.

The agency reported “positive anecdotal reviews from new hires and existing clients.”


Judges loved, the relaunched site of the San Franciso-based digital agency.  “A very savvy, high-tech experience—this site positioned the brand as innovative and creative,” noted one judge. “Unusual and smooth technology,” said another. The site underwent “an extensive digital renovation,” that includes an updated demo reel and updated management bios. The reel is truly outstanding, as is the homepage’s rollover reveal of creative. Overall response has been positive—Eveo reported a 16% traffic increase.

The Finalists

  • Cline Davis & Mann—CDM World Agency Website
  • Draftfcb Healthcare NY—Draftfcb Healthcare “Brand Superheroes” Interactive Ad
  • Draftfcb Healthcare NY—Draftfcb Healthcare Self-Promotion Video Shorts
  • Eveo—Eveo
  • The CementBloc—Blocism