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Draftfcb and Eli Lilly & Co.
Cymbalta “Eyes”

Draftfcb and Eli Lilly’s long-running “Depression Hurts” campaign for Cymbalta has been incredibly successful and effective, and it continues to win accolades. The agency explains that the campaign’s mission has been to “change the dialogue” and “redefine the condition,” emphasizing the broad range of depression symptoms.

“It has always been our mission to let consumers in on the complete story of depression and to educate sufferers that depression has many symptoms,” the agency added. “It is our belief that knowing an incomplete story leads to an incomplete treatment of symptoms. When consumers know the complete story they’re more likely to engage in open dialogue with their healthcare providers. When a patient learns that a family member or loved one is also hurt by the patient’s suffering, they’re more likely to see their doctor.”

New consumer insights helped Draftfcb continue to evolve the campaign. “To motivate our target to seek treatment, we use a mirror to show them how they’re suffering,” the agency said. “The campaign communicates in a realistic, non-judgmental and honest way. Without honesty, there’s little chance that our target will respond. Our TV spot brings to life the range of individuals and depression symptoms. It looks closely at the many faces of depression sufferers and, in a non-intrusive way, communicates the ways in which they are affected by depression.”

Judges were impressed with the campaign’s execution: “All are unique, have iconic elements, educate and really sell.”

Draftfcb reported 2008 global sales for Cymbalta reached $2.69 billion, a 28% increase over 2007.

McCann Erickson HumanCare and Galderma Laboratories
Oracea Skin In Sync

Judges loved these ads, which feature drawings of people with rosacea. “A unique execution that creatively depicts the condition,” noted one judge. “They demonstrate deep understanding of the target audience, which is nice to see.” To help drive product sales, the ads needed to educate sufferers. “Many try over-the-counter products or make-up to cover the bumps and blemishes, but they repeatedly fail because they don’t realize it comes from below the surface,” added the agency. “Oracea wanted to be the brand to offer hope.”