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Recognizes excellence in smartphone healthcare apps targeting consumers. These include: medical reference libraries for consumers, patient education resources, tools for helping patients track data and/or manage diseases and programs that turn smartphones into diagnostic tools or devices.


WebMD Baby App

WebMD conducted a poll of more than 1,000 parents with children two years old or younger in October 2011. According to that poll’s results,  most of those parents say that they spend time daily researching baby health and wellness. The results also showed that they wanted easily accessible information that would help them to better care for their babies through various development stages.

Given these insights, the WebMD Baby app for iPhone and iPod touch was launched in January 2012. The app provides parents with free personalized and pediatrician-approved health and wellness information about infants and toddlers.  Its content can be easily shared via email and such social-media platforms as  Facebook and Twitter.

Content was created exclusively for the app and is -customized for a baby’s specific age. For infants to one-year-olds, a new health and wellness tip is sent to the app daily, and more in-depth content is sent every week. Information that is relevant to children between one to two years old is sent monthly. To simplify searches, the information is organized by topics (feeding and nutrition, growth and development, vaccines, etc.) as well as by the baby’s age.

The app’s other features include a baby book that can be used to house “firsts” captured either with videos or photos taken live or ones that are pulled from an iPhone library. There is also a baby routine and record keeper that allows for easy recording and sharing of activity details like feeding and sleeping. Information can also easily be entered into an integrated personal growth chart right from a pediatrician’s office.

esults for the app are strong, with more than 100,000 downloads in the first four weeks after launch and a slew of positive media and target audience reviews. One story in the New York Times called the app “arguably more practical and useful than many of the others combined.”

Everyday Health

Pregnancy Tracker from

This app allows pregnant women to easily monitor their baby’s growth, their own bodies and to connect with other women.

“The ability to track progress, share and document the journey makes pregnancy fun and also ensures moms-to-be are doing what’s needed to have a healthy baby,” said one judge. 

Another judge praised the app’s “ability to connect with the audience,” its content, and “great results,” which include more than 5 million visits and 40 million PVs per month.

The Finalists

• Brightworks Interactive Marketing and Bayer HealthCare—The Rosacea App

• Everyday Health—Pregnancy Tracker from

• Everyday Health—Calorie Counter—FREE iPhone App

• Intouch Solutions and Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals—FactorTrack

• Prime Access and Merck—My Health Matters Mobile App (Android & iPhone)

• WebMD—WebMD Baby App