Browse a list of MM+M’s most popular campaign stories from 2020 featuring videos, campaign mishaps, celebrities and more.

figs scrubs ad

1. Figs pulls ad. How should the scrubs brand handle future marketing efforts?

Health professionals found themselves fighting sexist stereotypes after a Figs ad featured a young woman in hot pink scrubs and glasses reading a Medical Terminology for Dummies book upside down. Check out the ad.


2. Mucinex takes up the fight against fake news

Mucinex is doing its part in the fight against COVID-19 in an unexpected way. Learn more here.

7 day supply

3. Stalled HHS coronavirus ad campaign sought to capitalize on star power, but public-health push came too late

Go deeper here.

Stethoscope and red heart on blue background
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4. Amarin launches heart health education campaign after Vascepa approval

Heart disease affects about a third of American adults. While millions of those people are on medication to help, Amarin’s True to Your Heart campaign warns it may not be enough. Check out more here.


5. 6 disease awareness campaigns that represent hope

For many people, disease awareness campaigns represent the first true beginning of hope — which is why these stories are so impactful and important to tell. View the campaigns here.

This is Grace. epidiolex campaign

6. 3 rare disease campaigns that conquered challenges around marketing these conditions

Check out the campaigns.

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7. 6 campaigns that break the status quo in healthcare marketing

There’s never been a more critical time to re-establish the power of pure creative craft and the value it can deliver for a brand. Here’s to those who turn a blind eye to the status quo. Check out the campaigns here.


8. Juvederm Lips courts Millennials in latest campaign

Juvederm is tapping into trends of self-expression and self-care to court Millennials in its latest campaign for its lip fillers Juvederm Lips. Check out the campaign here.

the bloc youth for tribute campaign

9. Watch: Short film shows what happens when healthcare loses its humanity

A short film created by healthcare agency The Bloc and Brazilian filmmaking collective The Youth for Tribute, a digital platform for sharing gratitude, explored what might happen when healthcare innovation loses its humanity. Watch it here.

McCann’s warrior cry to get Lady Liberty in a real mask.

10. Agency entries for New York governor’s mask PSA

The New York governor challenged people to submit a 30-second ad explaining why wearing face mask is essential amid this pandemic. Check out the submissions here.

Correction: An earlier version of this roundup had referred to the FIGS Instagram ad as a campaign.