Category 13

Rewards the best series of ads for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any consumer magazine or newspaper.

The CementBloc and Novartis Vaccines
Fresh Rhymes

Judges agreed that The CementBloc knocked it out of the park with Novartis Vaccines’ Fresh Rhymes campaign aimed at motivating parents to have teens vaccinated for meningococcal meningitis.

“This campaign is perfect,” said one judge. “Visual and copy are right on target. Kudos!” Another judge commented that the campaign “takes traditional print into the modern world of pharmaceutical marketing.”

Materials include a kit to help educate parents that meningococcal meningitis is deadly and that teens and preteens are at increased risk.

“We…utilized everything from nursery rhymes to visceral disease-state images and stories to appeal to kids, parents, and healthcare professionals,” the agency’s website notes. “We delivered those stories across multiple channels to find our audience where they live: in school, on the street, in the office, online, and even on their phones.”

Across the board, the images are colorful and engaging. “Nice art direction—different and involving,” said one judge.

The nursery rhymes, which are geared towards parents, are accompanied by visuals of teenagers in situations in which they could transmit meningitis (kissing, sharing water, sharing lip gloss). The rhymes are clever and include:

Zack was nimble
Zack was quick
Zack kissed Rosa
after English Lit.
They were so happy
they so did click
till they shared meningitis
and got horribly sick.

The CementBloc said doctors, public health departments, and clinics reported that parents and patients were receptive to the messages, which they attributed to the engaging format and style. The agency added that the visuals and nursery rhymes resonated with everyone—HCPs, parents and teens.

“Clever and very relevant execution,” said a third judge. “It really resonates with the target audience demographic.”

CDM New York and Musicians On Call
The Healing Power of Music

This beautifully executed campaign helped raise awareness of Musicians On Call, which has delivered live performances to 250,000+ patients in healthcare facilities since 1999. The stunning images include a close-up of a man’s forearm, with a hospital wristband, extended with an ignited lighter in his hand. Copy reads: “This show must go on.” “You captured the live moment of musicians coming to hospital rooms in unaudible print,” said one judge. “Wow! Great work.” was redesigned based on the campaign concept.


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