Rewards the best series of ads for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any medical journals or other periodicals.


• Cline Davis & Mann (CDM) and Pfizer for “Scream ­Campaign” (Zyvox)

• Dudnyk and ViroPharma for “‘Moments Missed’ ­Unbranded Campaign”

• ICC Lowe and MSD Animal Health for Activyl “Switch The Itch”

• Strategic Edge Communications and Wockhardt USA for “Bromfed DM Professional Ad”

• The CementBloc and Salix Pharmaceuticals for “Mr Butt Print Ad: Biker” (Giazo)

MSD Animal Health and ICC Lowe
Activyl “Switch The Itch”

Activyl, flea control and tick treatment for dogs and cats, launched into a category that the agency reported had 17 competitors at the time of launch. Its difference is an active ingredient that “switches on” in the flea, reducing safety and environmental concerns.

This team illustrated that advantage through drawings of a cat and a dog with light switches for faces. The tagline for the dog image reads: “Activyl only switches on inside the flea. Then it’s lights out.”

A third ad shows two images. In one, 29 points represented with fleas outline an animal with its face switch turned off. The other image shows the switch turned on and the 29 points outlining the animal are dots rather than fleas.

“A memorable communication of the functional benefits,” one judge commented.

“Veterinarians were becoming increasingly disinterested with the ectoparasiticides market as much of their business was lost to OTC products,” the agency explained. “With the simple juxtaposition of a light switch and graphic line art of pets, veterinarians would now know they could switch their business back on.”

The agency says Activyl sales have exceeded target goals by 147% since launch, and the campaign has helped establish MSD as a partner to vets and an “innovative player.”

The CementBloc and Salix Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Butt Print Campaign

This campaign helped differentiate Giazo, a treatment for mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis approved for male patients.

Photos of men shot from behind emphasize toughness, while taglines stress their resistant attitude to treatment.

Judges praised the campaign for its “excellent writing” and “fresh look.”