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LEVEL Brand and Medica

As unemployment rates have skyrocketed across the nation, so did the need for healthcare insurance. Level Brand explained that while COBRA Continuation Coverage is available to many, it’s expensive (enrollees must pay 102% of the premium).

This campaign did an exceptional job of positioning Medica as an advocate for the unemployed that provides affordable, high quality insurance. Creative featured street flier images with copy that directly asserted that Medica is better and more affordable than COBRA.

“This was a brilliant and cost effective use of media with a strong and compelling creative strategy,” said one judge.
Targets included the newly unemployed and their support networks (family, friends and coworkers), as well as other influencers, such as consultants and transition experts.

Educating about the alternatives to COBRA was a key objective. The campaign also aimed to differentiate Medica; speak authentically in a way that conveyed empathy for the newly unemployed; and, ultimately, generate leads through online applications, phone inquires and personal interaction.

“This clever campaign surrounded consumers and leveraged the key insight of ‘frustration’ when someone loses his or her job,” noted one judge. “I liked the use of nontraditional channels.”

The agency said it used known behaviors and hot buttons to make strategic placement decisions. The campaign generated significant new leads by creating and leveraging new placement destinations and by using the power of job seekers’ networks to inform and influence. The agency also reported that within the first three months, inquires and application submissions nearly doubled compared to the same period the previous year.

“This was a really great way to bring alive people’s problems in a way that is impossible to ignore,” commented a third judge.  

Good to Share

Judges loved this multifaceted campaign that educated parents and kids about flu protection and vaccination. was the hub of the campaign, which also included TV spots, online ads, content integrations, radio and paid search. Each channel drove significant increases in awareness—55% for TV, 65% for the site. The creative concept celebrated children’s willingness to share and used it to discuss how to share without passing on the flu. “A well-integrated campaign,” noted one judge. “Good results.”

The Finalists

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  • LEVEL Brand and Medica—COBRA
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