October 2020 Cover

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The 34th edition of MM&M’s venerable annual survey arrives at a pivotal moment for health marketers, who have seen their jobs – and possibly their compensation – shift dramatically in the half-year since COVID-19 overwhelmed the country. Our analysis of the exclusive survey results from more than 1,000 professionals will unpack this and other career concerns. The presentation will also showcase data about salary trends and job satisfaction across all facets of the medical marketing industry.

Data and personalization

Since the dawn of the wearables era, physicians had suggested that they weren’t entirely on board with the notion of sifting through zettabytes of patient-generated health data. But in its 2020 Health Trends Report, Stanford Medicine found that the opposite is now the case, especially among younger doctors: 80% of physicians believe that data from patients’ health apps are clinically valuable. We analyze what this new openness to non-traditional data sources means for the industry writ large.

Engaging with HCPs: The rise of the nurse practitioner and physician’s assistant

For decades, there’s been a sense that marketers “get” NPs/PAs with campaigns and programs aimed at physicians. But well before the COVID-19 pandemic, NPs and PAs had assumed a greater role in patient care and communication. We examine the most successful efforts to date and offer best practices for brand teams hoping to capture the attention of these important audiences.

Agencies transition to virtual

Agencies big and small have been quick to share how seamlessly they transitioned to virtual work. What they haven’t discussed is the mechanics of the transition: the from-afar IT support, the allowances for desk chairs and bikes and other work-related gear and more. We highlight the most clever and useful solutions.

Career Paths 2020: Six degrees of separation

In MM&M’s second annual “Six Degrees” feature, we trace the web of connections among four of the industry’s best-known and most admired marketers. In doing so, we showcase their client/agency linkages and the people they’ve encountered along the way.