ross toohey, 2e
Ross Toohey, CEO

Every day, we work to connect people to the therapies and technologies that will shape a better future. We partner with clients who share this aspiration and are ready to be stewards, supporters and adopters of progressive solutions and ideas.

2e is the launch and growth engine behind the people and advancements that expand possibilities for human health.

We build and grow pharmaceutical, medical device and life science brands — and build and grow the teams that will redefine the way those brands are shared with the world. Our 140-plus employees are continually advancing industry expectations for branding, marketing strategy, digital engagement and sales training, to name just a few.

How We Do It

In the end, customers make emotional decisions. Their choices are ultimately personal, even when they’re shaped by professional needs.

That’s why we believe in a multidimensional application of creativity. It’s an approach that allows us to appeal to that humanity and engage the feature, benefit and financial considerations that customers juggle to justify their emotional choice.

We deconstruct existing models and perceptions and then reimagine them from different perspectives. We find the intersection between what the customer truly wants and what the brand can truly promise. It’s that focused creativity, that reinvention that takes place throughout every discipline and department of 2e that enables us to form stronger bonds between our clients’ brands and customers.

For over 20 years, we’ve had the privilege of introducing patients, clinicians and caregivers to life-changing solutions — from technologies that help people see the world more vividly to therapies that could help end the opioid crisis. We know that every moment matters for patients. Our multidimensional approach to creativity is how we answer the call. 

At 2e, our work is not our life. Our work is every life.

Core Capabilities

Build and grow brands:

  • Launch strategy and planning
  • Drug and product launches
  • Branding and campaign development
    and activation
  • Lifecycle management
  • HCP, patient and consumer engagement
  • Digital and media strategy, engagement
    and activation
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Experience design
  • Disease state awareness

Build and grow teams:

  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Internal communications
  • Sales training
  • Meetings and events

What are the game-changing ideas that didn’t come to pass in 2019 that will prove transformative in 2020?

“When we speak with top-performing pharma marketers, most of them are heading into 2020 with a priority focus on rewiring their commercial field sales strategies to solve the burning challenge of engaging with millennial HCPs, most of whom are blockaded behind “no see” restrictions. Stronger content, smarter detailing tools and advanced sales training strategies are the only way we’ll clear the path for modern commercial excellence.” — Ross Toohey, CEO

Fast Facts

Address: St. Louis, MO; Evansville, IN; Fort Worth, TX; San Diego, CA

Phone: 314-436-2323

Year Founded: 1999  

Employees: 140

Holding Company: Part of the largest independent multichannel healthcare network, Fishawack Health

New Business Contact: Jessica Boden, chief growth officer, 763-443-2916, [email protected]