Women are now leaving the workforce at four times the rate of men. What needs to be done to alleviate this? 

It is extremely important for women to invest in and support other women. By working together to help other women advance in their careers, we can provide the support network necessary to help women not only stay in but advance their careers in the workforce. 

Who was your mentor and what are you now doing to send the elevator back down?

My mother, a single working mom, has been one of the strongest mentors in my life. She’s provided the role model and the encouragement I needed to continue to strive to be the best that I can be no matter the challenge ahead of me. 

Mentoring other women has always been a passion of mine. Whether it is informally mentoring over a cup of coffee to serving as mentor in a formal mentoring program, I have always strived to spend the time to give back and invest in other women. 

What is your golden rule at work?

“Sleep on it.” When faced with a significant decision or conflict at work, I think it’s important to pause, not make a quick decision and sleep on the decision or reaction. Things always look different the next day with a clear head.

How have you coped with the unique challenges of the past 12 months?

As a result of the pandemic, and as a provider of patient education, we had to immediately reimagine our in-person education business model, suddenly needing to convert hundreds of upcoming education programs to a 100% virtual environment within two weeks for the health and safety of patients. This challenge enabled us to optimize virtual engagement and leverage new digital technologies. It also forced us to rethink how our nurses engage with patients by providing a more customized model where we have more flexibility in how and when the support is offered utilizing both predictive analytics to segment patients based on adherence risk as well as enabling them to choose their preferred path of support based on their individual needs.

What are the first things you plan to do when the pandemic ends? 

We are going to celebrate our delayed 20th wedding anniversary on a trip to the islands.