Kamala Prince is strategic business leader for healthcare and pharmaceuticals at Luckie & Co.

What would you do if you didn’t work in healthcare? 

I would probably be a college professor. I love learning and sharing what I learn with others. 

Talk about the last time you experienced a fist-pumping victory moment.

The last fist-pumping victory feeling was after making the decision to move to the agency side and join Luckie last year. I had that “this is exactly what I wanted” moment after a few months at the company, where I was thoroughly engaged in what I was working on and absolutely loving the team I was working with. For me, it’s doesn’t get better than that. 

When was the last time you endured an “agony of defeat”? What did you learn from it?

Earlier this year when a foundation I’m a member of fell short of its fundraising goal. As a result, we were going to have to eliminate a middle school quiz bowl we support. This event is one of my favorite volunteer projects of the year and an even bigger deal to the students who participate. I was crushed. Instead of disappointing the hard-working middle school teams, we put our heads together and put all of our efforts to find another sponsor. At the very last minute we were able to secure a new sponsor for the prizes. It was an important reminder to focus on finding creative solutions – the answer may be right under your nose.

How long ago was the last time you recharged your batteries? What did you do?

Last year. I usually always travel internationally when I have time off, but I took a mini sabbatical for a few weeks last April and had the ultimate staycation. I finally read the four books on my nightstand, organized my home office, volunteered and spent extra time with my family. I came back to work decluttered and fully recharged.

What do you find frustrating about working in healthcare marketing?

There is very little I find frustrating, but I will say reconciling budgets is not my favorite thing to do.

To ensure pay parity and career advancement for women I will…

Readily share what I’ve learned in my career with young women coming behind me, especially in negotiating for what you want.

What are your words to live by?

My words to live by are reflected in this quote by Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

What is one thing you would tell young women starting their careers in healthcare marketing?

Work hard, find strong mentors and sponsors (you need both) and seek opportunities to stretch yourself to develop new skills at every opportunity.

Favorite drink?

Basil vodka gimlet.

What three people, alive or dead, would you like to host at a dinner party and why?

My maternal grandmother, William Shakespeare, and Maya Angelou. My grandmother was a college librarian who taught me to love books at an early age. She loved Shakespeare and passed it on to me. Maya Angelou is one of my favorite writers as well. I can only imagine the questions my grandmother would ask. I know the responses would be priceless.