What would you do if you didn’t work in healthcare? 

If I were 100% out of healthcare, I’d probably be an interior designer. Maybe if I could spend my energy designing other people’s homes, my own would have fewer chandeliers and rugs on rotation!

Can you give a shout-out to someone who helped you at a pivotal time in your career? 

It’s hard to choose just one. I’ve had a lot of wonderful mentors and confidantes during my career, so I would shout out to all of them.

Work to live, or live to work? 

It’s all about balance … but I love what I do. And what do they say? If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life? I believe that.

Share a moment when you left your comfort zone; what did you learn? 

I love going outside of my comfort zone. If I’m not pushing boundaries, I’m not learning. And what I’ve learned the most by doing that is to fail quickly and move on. You learn something new every time you do.

What do you find frustrating about working in healthcare marketing? 

Honestly, the most frustrating thing is that there is a perception that healthcare can’t be innovative because of regulations. It’s very much the opposite, and this industry is innovating and reinventing all the time, so it just takes a different type of innovator.

To ensure pay parity and career advancement for women, I will … 

Keep doing my part as both an employee and an employer. Equality is so important and success should be based on merit not gender.

Where would you like to see more progress in the #MeToo movement?  

Continuing to diversify workplaces, especially in the tech industry will support growth and empathy amongst employees. Real change is more than a cultural change, though, and will require policy change across the board.

What is one thing you would tell young women starting their careers in healthcare marketing? 

Strive to look at the big picture — not just what impacts your day-to-day today, but the industry at large.

Favorite song? 

I’ve always been musical, and I’ll go through phases, but I will tell you that the music from the ’60s and ’70s always just makes me happy.

Which three people, alive or dead, would you like to host at a dinner party and why?  

Barack and Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres and Dan Rather would be an interesting group. All of them are accomplished leaders in their own worlds and have unique perspectives.