What would you do if you didn’t work in healthcare? 

I’d be a chef making international cuisine for six months a year. The other six months, I would be hard at work — traveling internationally, gathering recipes and researching ingredients — to make sure my restaurant customers experience the best world cuisine with me.

Can you give a shout-out to someone who helped you at a pivotal time in your career? 

LaVerne Mooney was my first mentor in the industry who taught me how to look at brand challenges through a marketing lens, while still keeping my curiosity and love for the science and clinical data alive.

Work to live, or live to work? 

Definitely work to live.

Share a moment when you left your comfort zone; what did you learn? 

Trading in a lab coat and lab research bench for business clothes and market and clinical insight research at an agency. I’ve learned that decisions in healthcare are driven by more than the facts, and at the end of the day, we are all emotional humans, regardless of what profession we are in.

What do you find frustrating about working in healthcare marketing? 

Not having enough hours in a day.

To ensure pay parity and career advancement for women, I will … 

continue to hold myself accountable to ensuring pay equity, regardless of gender, ethnicity and other irrelevant criteria, and by measuring criteria that matter — experience, skills, value — to ensure that is the standard by which pay equity is achieved. I will continue to make sure that women have access to the same opportunities and training for advancement as men do, so that they can demonstrate their value and skills to continue to close the disparity in pay and career advancement gaps that exist. 

Where would you like to see more progress in the #MeToo movement? 

In metrics that define how successful the changes we are implementing to make progress are.

What is one thing you would tell young women starting their careers in healthcare marketing? 

Proactively seek opportunities to expand and evolve your role, as healthcare marketing is constantly evolving, and so, too, should our roles within it.

Favorite song

“La vida es un carnaval” by Celia Cruz

What three people, alive or dead, would you like to host at a dinner party and why? 

  • Bob Marley, because his music makes me feel optimistic, empowered and like I’m on vacation. I’m also hoping he would perform.
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, because my daughter is a political science student with big aspirations, who would love learning about her life and how she became Africa’s first female president.
  • Karl Anthony Towns, because my son and I love basketball, and he is one of our favorite players. Plus, it would be great to get tips during a post-dinner basketball game.