Cynia Barnwell has developed a reputation for sharpening creative strategy, amplifying social media presence, mentoring junior writers, and generating brand buzz. A go-to central nervous system expert, Barnwell began as a lead writer in this space and helped establish a unified linguistic footprint for the multimillion-dollar brand.

Moving to the postpartum depression space, she successfully and efficiently managed multiple content workstreams for the impending commercial launch of brexanolone, Sage Therapeutics’ first drug to market, and played a key role in creating brexanolone’s disease awareness campaigns. Barnwell is also the driver behind the upcoming patient campaign efforts, a fully integrated approach that includes print, digital, and social components. Colleagues say her ability to “generate innovative content while staying ahead of regulatory challenges” has helped mitigate the speedbumps that come with a massive launch.

Known as a “collaborative creative partner” who “brings out-of-the-box ideas to the table, no matter what the challenge,” Barnwell is a valued team player and innovative contributor.