Being well prepared has its merits, but there are times when a professional’s best asset is the ability to turn on a dime. While Jordan Brensilber wins praise for her preparedness and depth of knowledge, she is also valued for being a resourceful, agile marketer.

The ability to think on her feet paid off when, while planning for a kickoff meeting, the deliverable drastically changed at the last minute, leaving the team with less than three business days to build a new presentation. Brensilber quickly updated media plans and delivered a stellar pitch, going above and beyond to contribute to the larger strategic discussion while fielding questions from the company’s CEO and VP of marketing.

Brensilber is fearless when facing a challenge. When she failed to get the thought leadership she wanted from a digital partner, she learned the Snapchat platform and took CPMs from $18 to $3, extending reach and creating efficiencies. She now oversees the Facebook certification training initiative at Healix and is on her way to becoming a social media guru.