Over the course of her career, Kate Booth has created a new standard for data-driven decisions. She is a staunch believer in how strategy and data can be used to create experiences and provide information that helps patients live their best lives and has long been committed to making sure the right data is captured and KPIs are outlined before any new programs, channels, and tactics are launched. Providing an honest transparency of outcomes allows her team to continuously learn, improve, and ensure the right information is available to patients, caregivers, and HCPs.

Booth, a proponent of applying data-based decision making across the entire Vertex digital ecosystem, led the team that spearheaded an initiative to create real-time dashboards that link media spend with in-market engagement. The numbers provided a new standard of transparency that allowed the U.S. marketing team not only to optimize spend and channels, but also to communicate with patients, caregivers, and HCPs in the most customer-centric ways.