Saving lives is a serious business. Kelli Flaherty’s work with Sarnova has helped the national specialty distributor of EMS healthcare products and acute care markets partner with its customers to improve patient’s lives.

Flaherty has leveraged her creative design know-how and analytical marketing prowess to create many award-winning marketing programs for the company.

She led the creation and launch of the Bound Tree e-commerce website, an important sales channel that drives more than $95 million in sales annually. Involved every step of the development, from UX research and wireframes to site mapping, feature development, and launch communications, Flaherty added features to make it easier for customers to find products and manage their accounts online, which helped the site exceed projections.

She was the lead on several content campaigns targeted to EMS workers, including Responders at Risk, an initiative focused on the importance of self-protection when responding to an opioid overdose call, and Stop the Bleed, an educational campaign on responding to life-threatening bleeding in crises.