With a background in luxury and fashion marketing, Mitali Banerjee brings a game-changing perspective to med comms. Her belief in the power of emotional marketing and its untapped potential has driven this innovator to find new ways to disrupt the landscape and innovate digital communications through wearable devices, AI, chatbots, and more.

For her primary client, GlaxoSmithKline, Banerjee leads brand, digital, and content strategies for many key brands. She led strategy for MyQuit, a personalized, multiplatform program that helps people track smoking habits, preemptively combats craving, provides actionable tips, and recently added a first-of-its-kind wearable for the category.

For Sensodyne’s Rapid Relief campaign, Banerjee tied the product’s speed of efficacy to that of downhill skiers in the 2018 Winter Olympics, breaking new ground for a brand that had long relied on dentist testimonials to drive awareness and sales. In a first for Sensodyne’s True White toothpaste, Banerjee moved the focus out of the dentist’s office and into the hands of health- and beauty-minded consumers with engaging content that generated significant brand growth.