Even before Omicron kneecapped the country’s fits-and-starts recovery from COVID-19, healthcare workers were reported to be strung out and fed up in equal measure. The social-media echo chamber teemed with stories of doctors, nurses and support staff bewildered by the refusal of patients to receive the jab. Perusing these reports, one might think healthcare workers are united in the belief that COVID-19 vaccination is a patriotic duty.

The reality, as outlined in a study published in the January 2022 edition of the American Journal of Infection Control, doesn’t fit neatly into that narrative. Vax mandates or no, many healthcare workers remain extremely skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccines — and many are declining to receive their shots, even at the expense of their employment. As with everything else COVID-related, shades of gray abound.

Study of 1,974 healthcare workers: 1,685 of whom are vaccinated or intend to be vaccinated and 289 of whom are not vaccinated or do not intend to be vaccinated.

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