For Mental Health Awareness Month, MM&M asked employers and employees to share how their companies help to support mental health. Here is a list of their answers:

1. Healthline Media

We value, encourage and foster a culture of acceptance. We’re de-stigmatizing mental health by talking about it, a lot. Employees share openly about seeing a therapist and don’t shy away from standing up if they need a break. We’ve created a supportive culture, where everyone can just be themselves. I’m so happy, and fortunate, to call Healthline home. Alyssa Kopelman

gci health mental health awareness
A wellness “shot” bar during GCI Health’s Happiest Hour in May

2. GCI Health

GCI Health is supporting mental health by hosting a variety of activities for our team. This week, we had staff take tea time breaks, brought in a “brain food” cart and set up conference rooms with coloring books to destress in a creative way.

GCI Health also hosted a #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth Happiest Hour – with a wellness “shot” bar. In lieu of alcohol (which can impact our mental health and mood) our selection included a variety of shots including Vitality, Wellness, Probiotic, and Elderberry from Pressed Juicery.

3. AXON Communications

Axon employees doing yoga
AXON Communications employees doing yoga

At AXON Communications we have a number of different activities we do across our offices. Not all are adopted by all offices, as we try to flex to the needs of our employees. We have a dedicated wellbeing Wednesday program which includes information tied to the 5 ways of wellbeing; mindfulness training; external speaks on topics such as stress management, sleep hygiene, nutrition in the workplace, etc.; we have team members trained in Mental Health First Aid (through MHFA England); flexible working, including working from home; and an annual wellness benefit.

We are also in the process of reviewing and updating policies related to mental wellbeing and revamping our line management training to ensure managers are equipped to handle conversations related to mental health. – Elisabeth Mozel-Jury

4. Wunderman Thompson Health

While mental health is something Wunderman Thompson Health takes seriously…our best benefit is that we (the Kansas City Office) are pet friendly. Nothing kills the stress like stepping away for five minutes to cuddle with a puppy or play fetch down the hall! – Sara J Eberhardy

fingerpaint dog
Fingerpainter Gwen Ivins’ dog Mocha in their Saratoga Springs office

5. Fingerpaint

As a people-first company Fingerpaint is always looking for holistic ways to address this topic. It is why we review the factors that contribute to mental health issues and offer benefits that proactively help reduce them the best we can for our employees. In our research, healthcare and financial worries, as well as generalized stress, consistently popped up as top factors contributing to mental health related issues.

To help alleviate that concern, Fingerpaint offers 100 percent company-paid healthcare and a student loan reimbursement program. Another example is our encouragement of dog-friendly offices, which is based on numerous studies that show dogs can reduce stress and improve mood. – Nicole Holland

6. Lundbeck

Lundbeck U.S. supports Right Direction, a program by Employers Health and Psych Foundation that gives employers the tools to address depression in the workplace.

health union Mindfulness Facebook Live
A mindfulness session offered via Facebook Live to employees

7. Health Union

Health Union offers to support the mental and emotional health of its team members with weekly mindfulness and meditation group headed by a team member. Although this is less mental and more physical health, we have a free exercise class on Wednesdays.

heartbeat mental health awareness
A Clarity Capsule provided by Publicis Health

8. Heartbeat

Heartbeat has always taken mental health seriously. We host weekly onsite meditation sessions and we offer free counseling to staff through our Employee Assistance Program. Publicis Health was also awesome enough to provide a Clarity Capsule in support of Mental Health this month!

9. Akili Interactive

Akili Interactive supports Mental Health Awareness month with a Health Care day in the month of May, reserved for doing whatever Akilians see fit to improve their health, whether mental or physical. We also:

  • Focus on breaking the stigma of mental health by talking about it openly
  • Recognize that mental health days ought to be taken as seriously as sick days
  • Created a mural that hangs on a conference room wall of all of our loved ones that have been touched by mental illness
  • Offer weekly yoga in the office, with the May sessions focused on mindfulness
  • Akilians proudly wear green ribbon buttons throughout the month

10. Verywell

It’s the unlimited PTO time so that I can take the time I need to relax, reset and recharge. – Lauren DiGirolamo