The 2019 MM&M Career & Salary Survey showed the average salary for pharma marketing execs rose 12% this year to a high-water mark of $184,632. To find out if salaries are on par with other industries, we compared annual pay for marketing directors in the consumer goods and software/IT industries, as well as with those in financial services, whose advertising is subject to regulation somewhat akin to healthcare’s fair-balance rule. Turns out, biopharma salaries are quite competitive. No wonder we found job satisfaction is also up, while job-seeking is down. Click to enlarge infographic.

*Salaries are nationwide totals reflecting average, annual base pay among marketing directors who submitted data to LinkedIn (n= 613 in financial services; 720 in consumer goods; 898 in software/IT).

**Source: MM&M Career & Salary Survey 2019 (n=74 directors of marketing)

october 2019 career and salary survey infographic