IG TOCFrom the editor
Welcome to our annual roundup of the digital adventures of pharma. You’ll find this special MM&M supplement to be packed with trends, data, insights, tips and commentary on all things interactive, including social-media mining, getting med-legal approval, the latest HCP trends and a Think Tank forum of five industry experts. While I can’t promise it will get you through the perfect storm, I hope that it will at least provide you with some food for thought. As usual, you can check out our annual showcase of digital partner companies, starting on page 15.
James Chase, Editor in Chief, MM&M

Overview: A new era of partnerships
    Digital’s biggest impact is a social one: widespread behavioral change  
Analytics: Social insight
    The way we find data online is taking a back seat to how we decipher and use that data
Organizational Change: Digital DNA
    Pharma companies restructure their organizations for a more productive digital push
Regulatory: Who’s afraid of MLR?
    Many marketers have positive experiences with MLR. Our tips to expedite approvals
Healthcare Professionals: The iPad and other drugs
    The love affair between MDs and their iPads continues. How reps can make the most of it
Digital Think Tank: On the digital curve
    How to keep pace with digital’s growth? Five experts on pharma’s gains and challenges
Showcase of Digital Partner Companies