inVentiv Selling Solutions, will begin providing a sales personnel to Keltman Pharmaceuticals, a wholesale pharmaceutical company specializing in re-packaged medications for physician dispensing.

The inVentiv sales team will complement Keltman’s in-house sales force by maintaining in-office, medicine dispensing systems for physicians. Officials at inVentiv note that the point-of-care program will enable physicians to customize a formulary of pre-packaged prescription drugs that can be dispensed to patients while they are in the office.

Paul Mignon, president of inVentiv Selling Solutions, said: “The ways in which sales representatives add value to the patient-physician relationship are continuing to evolve. As the Keltman model demonstrates, some representatives are becoming a key link in directly supporting patient access to medicine.”

Wyatt Waltman, co-founder and CEO of Keltman Pharmaceuticals, said that his company is currently in a growth mode and was looking for the best way to maximize the transition from a contractor-based rep model to more of a fulltime rep model. “When we looked at the fastest and best way to do that, it was to partner with inVentiv. That was really our best and most effective way to grow quickly.”

Keltman Pharmaceuticals is a full-service provider focused on bringing innovative practice solutions to enhance patient care and creating alternative revenue sources for physicians. Keltman is accredited by the National Association Boards of Pharmacy.

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