IG_IOMEDIA.pdfCompany Profile
IOMEDIA is a digital agency focused on the bigger picture—strategy, concept and the execution of extraordinary digital visuals and brand-centric media experiences.

Founded in 1997,  IOMEDIA began as a creative studio initially focused on creating dynamic 3D visualization and animation. By 2005, IOMEDIA had progressed into a full-service digital agency, serving both the strategic and creative needs of clients by structuring independent studios for healthcare, architecture, interactive and productions.

Today,  IOMEDIA’s multi-disciplinary approach continues to evolve and lead creative, technology and market forces by offering diverse solutions to complex marketing challenges with imaginative and comprehensive media solutions.

Comprised of visual and content specialists, interactive strategists, designers, architects, animators, 3D artists, illustrators and producers, IOMEDIA offers the unique ability to draw upon various industry experts leading to remarkable and unexpected results.

Services and Offerings
Visually communicating complex scientific content and concepts to patients & professionals.

The innovative use of dynamic and experiential media to engage and educate an audience is the primary objective of the Healthcare Studio at IOMEDIA. Visualizing complex problems is our core strength. Our diverse expertise in science and visual communications allow us to synergize the life’s work of a scientist or researcher through to a targeted and engaging visual platform. By focusing on the power of imagery with motion, sound, interaction and information architecture, we have developed best-practices to illustrate concepts macro, micro and communicate sophisticated chains of events.

  • Scientific Animation & Imagery
  • Integrated Online Strategy
  • Interactive Learning & Marketing
  • Motion Graphics & Visual FX
  • HD Video Production
  • Experiential Media
  • Virtual VenueTM

Case Study
Virtual VenueTM | GlaxoSmithKline

Client Goal: Develop a next generation interactive platform to garner interest and attention from traditional published articles.

IOMEDIA developed the Virtual Venue™ platform, a visual communication tool that walks you through important research and findings documented in recent publications.

The GlaxoSmithKline Virtual Venue™ quite literally brings traditional paper communications to life. IOMEDIA leveraged its experience in visual communications and high science to poignantly position traditional medical publications into a more digestible and engaging experience. Through a carefully scripted & choreographed presentation delivered by a leading KOL, IOMEDIA designed and delivered a non-linear interactive platform that is elegant and easy to use.

Stand out from the crowd by humanizing clinical data; extend the reach of your KOL program through the artful blend of virtual environments and compelling thought leaders.