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TrialCard offers a broad portfolio of services that provide solutions for pharmaceutical brand needs in Rx Abandonment, Brand Support Hub, Patient Access Resources, and Customer Experience Management; all with customized analytics to microtarget your program and prove your ROI.

TrialCard people are at the foundation of every solution. ­TrialCard employees bring years of pharmaceutical industry experience, project management, military experience, and customer service into an entrepreneurial business ­culture.


Rx Abandonment: TrialCard has a proven solution for prescription abandonment. In a 6-month beta test, results demonstrated that 1 out of 5 patients, who would have abandoned their prescribed medicine, filled the prescription as directed by their physician.

Customer Experience Management
TrialCard’s award-winning Customer Experience Center offers customer-focused solutions to support your initiatives. Our solutions encompass:

• Share of Voice—Targeted outreach to deliver your brand message via multiple contact channels
• Product Safety—Full-service, customizable support for product quality complaints, medical inquiries, and adverse event communications
• Customer Service—24/7 representative support to accommodate multiple audiences
• Back Office Support—Integrated service offerings supporting customer engagement, including graphic design, warehousing, and personalized fulfillment

Patient Access Resources: TrialCard has established itself as the largest provider of patient access programs in the industry, processing over $1 billion in patient benefits per year to help brand manufacturers achieve their goals with prescribers, patients, and pharmacists.  Analysis has shown that patients who utilize co-pay programs are12-19% more adherent to their medication.

Analytics: TrialCard Pulse Analytics provides multiple levels of analysis of physician profitability, geographic performance, and offer effectiveness. TrialCard partners with your brand to provide robust program tracking, insight into market trends, and strategic suggestions for meeting goals and the needs of your patients. TrialCard Pulse Analytics give insight into the variables that ­impact each patient.  Pulse Analytics microtarget your tactics to deliver the right message to your customer.

Microtargeting: Success in the healthcare industry is quickly focusing on patient outcomes. TrialCard patient access solutions offer brands proven alternatives that align patient access with patient outcomes. TrialCard has found that access solutions support patient needs as they transition through healthcare insurance coverage, disease state, adherence/abandonment, demographics, geography, technology, etc.


Address: Headquarters—6501 Weston Parkway, Suite 370, Cary, NC 27513; Experience Center—14001 Weston Parkway, Suite 100, Cary, NC 27513; Fulfillment Center—140 Southcenter Court, Suite 500, Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 1-877-343-1238
Email: [email protected]
Year Founded: 2000
Employees: 340