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Ads can be powerful vehicles to reach consumers where they are, both mentally and physically. And great ads don’t just raise awareness about products—they drive action.

We know that information alone doesn’t drive behavior change. Simply knowing the facts about a medication is not enough to get patients to talk to their doctor or for their doctor to prescribe a medication. To drive action, we need to tap into human motivation and personal beliefs.

Fits Into Your Life. And Transforms It.
Company: Happify
Ho-hum to om. What’s not to like about a personalized digital experience that taps into self-motivation? Happify is upbeat and uplifting. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s grounded in science. It’s improving your health. Shake things up. Don’t worry, be happy.

Her Mission.
Company: Salix Pharmaceuticals
Quality of life, oh my! Finally, a provider ad that is all about the patient. This ad tells a story while offering a glimpse into the celebration of her biggest day. It illustrates what the patient may gain from Apriso: looking ahead to a life beyond her condition.

Get Back to What You Love.
Company: Celgene
Dear psoriasis sufferers,
Even with fair balance, this ad is simplistic and genuine in its approach. The handwritten message and personification build trust and promise readers they will get back to something they’ve been missing, something they love. There’s a motivation to keep pedaling.

Us in Lupus.
Company: GlaxoSmithKline
A step in the right direction, a chance to bring warmth, emotion and engagement to this campaign. But this patient-centric approach goes against the grain of traditional healthcare marketing and is refreshing. It’s a resource designed to help people with lupus build the skills, tools, and confidence to manage their journey.

Who Says Being Driven is a Bad Thing?
Company: Edward-Elmhurst Hospital & Health Services
Get behind the wheel. Most healthcare systems only tell you to “live healthier,” but they fail to motivate you to make the necessary healthy changes. This campaign brings to life the power of getting people to think differently, to set goals and to be active participants in the drive to move their health forward.

Another Day. Another Breakthrough.
Company: Mount Sinai Hospital
It doesn’t get any better. For me. These are not ads but short stories. With ingenious creative and flawless execution, they connect at a human level and balance sophistication with just the right touch of levity. Heart and compassion come through in an emotional and powerful way to showcase the power of patient engagement.