Private View Dec 2014

As a kid growing up, my bedroom walls were cluttered with visual ads and posters filled with slogans. My room literally looked like an ad threw up in my room. Sorry, mom.

I love advertising. I love to see well-crafted ideas that make me think, ideas that inspire me. 

Listen, we all work through budget cuts and legal and regulatory concerns. Sometimes it feels like an apocalyptic Mad Max movie from the ’80s where we just need some gas for our cars to take us somewhere else. So when I see a great ad, an ad that has beat the odds and made it through, something magical happens. Unicorns gallop across my chest and Oompa Loompas sing in my head. I feel like a kid again staring at the walls in my room.

This is the reason we keep pushing and working hard. Let’s search out those great ads and keep celebrating them.

Samsung: Backup Memory Project for the Alzheimer’s Association 
Agency: 3SG BBDO, Tunis, Tunisia
Here we have a mobile application that recognizes loved ones nearby and displays their names with photos to trigger the patient’s memory. This is a great example of an idea and experience that can really make an impact.

Voltaren: For freedom of movement
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi / Interactive Solutions, Warsaw, Poland
“Move, Move, Move!” Speaking of childhood memories, I remember always trying to bend the arms of those green army men. This is a smart visual way of showing what it feels like to suffer from osteoarthritis joint pain.

 Janssen: Control ­diabetes through urine
Agency: McCann, Mexico City, Mexico
OK, first I wonder why there’s a donut in the pool. Then I read the headline: “Get rid of sugar excess every time you pee.” My first thought is to never go in a public pool again. Does this ad have an emotional take-away? Without a doubt.

Agency: Intouch Solutions
An easy way to “digest” a lot of information. The journey through the body was a flashback to the film Fantastic Voyage. This site kept me interested to learn more.

Teva: Losec capsules for acid reflux
Agency: ACW Grey, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Don’t let your food come back at you.” Simple iconic way to get the point across. It’ll be hard not to remember this the next time I go out to dinner. 

Teva Oncology ­Franchise: “In a Word”
Agency: AbelsonTaylor 
People are much more than the disease they have, and this ad gets that point out there fast. I admire the emotional tug you get from this ad. Sentimental without being cheesy.