Telehealth may be a greater part of the future, if docs are assured they will get paid, according to a report by IMS Health’s InMedica division. The report noted the CMS policy of penalizing hospitals for readmissions has the potential to be a major driver of increased used of remote monitoring. Researchers also found major opportunity among the post-acute care market, “where healthcare providers are more willing to pay for telehealth if it’s part of a total post-acute care model.”

Researchers for communications firm Televox found the digital channel can be better for patients and physicians. The firm said that 34% of the people polled indicated that they were more likely to be honest about medical needs if responding via automated call, email or text message than at a doctor’s visit and that patients felt more valued when they received texts, emails and phone calls from HCPs.

The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American College of Nurse Practitioners joined forces December 31 and emerged as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners January 1, 2013. The organization estimates it represents around 155,000 NPs.