HLS’s Company Profile
HLS, part of CommonHealth, has excelled as a provider of scientific message-focused programming delivered by using dynamic innovative media options that address the modern pharmaceutical market needs. HLS employs approaches that connect the insights of opinion leaders with the clinical realities of community-based physicians to create relevant and patient-focused educational materials and tools. All programs include appropriate performance metrics. Global access and capabilities are provided in affiliation with CommonHealth’s European offices.

Services and Offerings

  • Medical Expert and Advocacy Development 
  • Publication Planning
  • Domestic and Global Tactical Optimization
  • Congress Planning

Content Development:

  • Publication Execution
  • Faculty Development
  • Content Dissemination Planning

New Technology Solutions:

  • Content Asset Management Systems
  • Electronic Opinion Leader Identification and Engagement

ProCom’s Company Profile
ProCom, part of CommonHealth, creates and delivers educational programs across multiple channels. The foundation of ProCom’s success is an experienced medical and strategy team that can take complex scientific concepts and distill them into evidence-based scientific solutions, with key messages that clearly communicates to specific audiences and leverages technology. Our continuous interaction with KOLs across therapeutic areas ensures the educational content we develop is meaningful and timely. The results are highly scientific and strategically focused communication programs that have educational value that resonates with HCPs.

Services and Offerings

  • Advisory Boards
  • Communication Planning and Execution
  • Dinner Meetings and Symposia
  • Investigator and Protocol Meetings
  • Journal Supplements and Publications
  • KOL Engagement Planning and Implementation
  • Medical Strategy Planning and Execution
  • Monographs and Scientific Slide Decks
  • Opinion Leader Roundtables
  • Speaker Bureau Management and Training
  • Web-based Educational Programs