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The podcast revolution comes to pharma

It’s not easy to make a podcast around vexing health issues entertaining, which explains why healthcare organizations struggled with their first few efforts. But now that Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and others have rolled out narrowly (and smartly) defined weekly podcasts, any remaining skepticism has fallen by the wayside. We offer a state of the health podcast union and explore the next wave of content innovation.

The numbers

We present a full breakdown in infographic format of DTC media spend, including yearly and monthly spend by channel, and reveal the top 10 properties for TV, radio, magazine and display.

Voice search in the AI era

For all its historical struggles to keep up with the pace of technological innovation, pharma was in on voice search from the get-go. Which begs the question: What’s next? Multiple marketers and channel execs weigh in on the future. 


In the weeks leading up to Rare Disease Day, MM&M asked its audiences to share creative submissions designed to help raise awareness about these conditions and the patients living with them. We present the smartest and more creative contributions.

Higher Learning

This feature examines how point-of-care networks and content providers are addressing the nation’s unfortunate health-literacy gap.