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The COVID-19 Issue

MM&M’s July print edition offers a state of the union for medical marketing in the COVID-19 era, complete with coverage of the industry’s response and the pivots marketers have executed amid unprecedented circumstances.

Everybody loves pharma?

Pharma has long been a popular punching bag for people and politicians, earning scorn for its supposed prioritization of profits above all else. But might the industry’s perceived selflessness and sacrifice during the pandemic present it with an opportunity to resuscitate its image? Experts inside and outside the industry weigh in on the possibilities – and the risks.

Point of care and the pandemic

Prior to the coronavirus crisis, point of care marketing was riding high. So what happens now that waiting and exam rooms are generally considered hot zones? We reveal how networks and marketers have adapted.

Time for “The Talk”

As medications to be used in the treatment of COVID-19 make their way through the pipeline, the pricing conversation is quickly returning to the forefront. We preview how pharma plans to communicate its value proposition.

The healthcare reckoning

In the wake of COVID-19 – and the job losses that have taken with them the health insurance coverage of millions of people – it suddenly seems possible that large-scale systemic change in the way healthcare is funded could come sooner rather than later. We assess the road ahead.

Health media’s COVID moment

We unveil responses to our informal survey about the individuals and organizations that distinguished themselves during the pandemic, from the politicians and public health figures who upped their profile to the frontline physicians and social media influencers who put a stake in the ground.