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The Data Issue

Medical marketers have been aggressive in leveraging the terabytes of data they have accumulated over the years, to the benefit of patients and HCPs alike. But a few years into the so-called Data Era, the industry finds itself struggling with issues around trust and transparency, not to mention the sheer volume of the information they have compiled.

MM&M’s third annual Data Issue examines those issues and challenges from multiple perspectives, painting the most comprehensive look at the industry’s embrace of data and analytics.

Big Data Comes to Clinical Trials

For all the talk about how data would disrupt the existing clinical-trial paradigm, change has been slow in coming. That, however, was before a handful of pharma organizations received a label expansion based on real-world evidence earlier this year. Might this data revolutionize all aspects of clinical trials? Or is there still reluctance to trust information logged outside the traditional test setting?

Big Data Paves the Access Path

When Novartis snapped up The Medicines Company, it served as a signal that it plans to return to the cardiovascular category. In theory, this is good for patients. In practice, it’s likely to be far more complicated, given the access challenges that have hamstrung sure-thing blockbusters like Praluent and Repatha. We look at how Novartis might attempt to leverage new and larger data sets to solve the access puzzle.

Beware the Privacy Guardrails

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit and its partnership with Ascension concentrated even more data in the hands of an organization that isn’t exactly new to the data game. Given the sensitivities around the type of health information that Google will now collect, we analyze the heightened demands around transparency and disclosure in the medical realm. Are health marketers doing enough to assuage worries about their data practices?

The Medical Advertising Hall of Fame Class of 2020

MM&M profiles this year’s three honorees – Harrison & Star co-founder Tom Harrison, ApotheCom co-founder Larry Lesser and former Coalition for Healthcare Communication leader John Kamp – and chronicles their lasting contributions to the medical marketing industry.

Rare Disease Marketing

In rare diseases, patient engagement is at an inflection point. Patients are empowered and partnering with industry to inform a host of areas. But as pharma treads the well-worn advocacy path it’s stepping into some new areas, including long-neglected conditions in which pent-up issues of stigma and isolation run deep. We explain how that impacts their disease-education campaigns – and why marketers ignore such nuances at their own peril.